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A short introduction

You may have arrived here looking for
The Ailsa Craig Hotel at
24 Royal Terrace in Edinburgh.
Now under new ownership the hotel is closed
and will re-open in February 2015
Please read on for updates and information about
the exciting plans we have for this historic building...

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A Metaphor for 24

  • Time: Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:00

We took a pot pourri of pieces of classical Georgian furniture which we'd rescued from country house auctions and sales. all were slightly dusty some with suspect joints or serviceable but dated coverings and showed it to some renovators...

"Not worth it", said one. "Too far gone", said another. "Why don't you buy new, reproductions?" asked the last.

Seeing the beauty and hidden craftsmanship in these pieces we decided to fly in the face of opinion and sought the advice of John and Susan Oliphant of Strathvale Upholsters in Forfar, a company we've worked with before on other hotel renovation projects.

The brief was simple - think laterally, repair the pieces, conceive a colour scheme in keeping with 24 Royal Terrace's Georgian contemporary theme and to bring each piece back to it's former glory with a new meaning.

Selecting the best, vibrant materials from award winning design houses such as Roma, Villa Nove and Harlequin, John and Susan have started to deliver on the dream - we're excited to see the results and for us to begin to think about where each piece will be placed in the hotel.

Altogether, taking something old but beautiful, applying a sympathetic contemporary treatment is a lot like the 24 Royal Terrace hotel project as a whole...

from the old to the new

  • Time: Thursday, 18 September 2014 00:00

On a prestigious and peaceful terrace in the heart of Edinburgh work is afoot to create a new destination for travellers; a noble address, a place with style and chic, and operated by a management team determined to make it the hotel of choice for customers with an eye for something a little different.

It’ll be a destination that celebrates some of the finest elements of Georgian Scottish architectural heritage married with the modern facilities that today’s guests demand, a true coming together of history and the modern world.

At the heart of all that we're putting together is attention to detail, and to that end we’ve brought together a team of investors, designers and marketers all of whom are passionate about blending hospitality, style, art and architecture together to create truly innovative accommodation in Scotland’s capital city.

This blog will document our progress, warts and all, and will describe the journey that we’re undertaking to take an established, slightly old fashioned hotel in a beautiful building into something to write home about - an Edinburgh travel gem.

We hope you’ll check back with us often to keep up to date and perhaps you’ll sign up to our email newsletter to get the latest as and when it happens...